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We strive to significantly improve people’s quality of life through evidenced based nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy.

We make this happen by providing a personalized and comprehensive care plan.

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Your journey to health starts with a free expert consultation so we can learn about your specific health goals.

Then we customize a comprehensive journey just for you.

Finally, we support you through follow ups as much as you need to guarantee your long term success.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I was frustrated because it seemed like no matter what I did I could not lose the weight. My doctors put me on medication for my blood pressure and IBS. I was considered morbidly obese. Every year I was gaining weight.

Working with HH over the course of 6 months I lost 25 lbs, 2 inches off my chest and waist. I look good and I feel great! I learned how to live in a new way, making informed and healthy choices in order to achieve my goals.
I even learned how to create a healthy meal plan that is as nutritious as it is delicious!

Rob Van Ess

There is a holistic approach to HH's program that looks at all aspects of your life identifying additional ways to create healthy habits that support your goals. The program was personalized for my preferences as a vegan who was not going to live in the gym. Together I learned how to live my life in pursuit of my 2 leading goals, a better quality of life and cancer prevention.
If you cannot lose the weight and feel powerless work with Halcyon Health.


I was diagnosed with IBS-C. My doctor didn’t given me direction on dieting or lifestyle changes, just medication. Trying to navigate the suggested dietary protocols, food elimination diets, etc. is overwhelming.
Halcyon Health is incredible to work with! They take time and equipped me with the knowledge and skills to begin navigating eating right for my body. As we worked together, I noticed a consistent change in my symptoms. I started feeling better, going to the bathroom was no longer an issue and my level of energy increased. I highly recommend Halcyon Health for anyone seeking a nutritionist.


Halcyon Health provided the support and encouragement I needed as well as someone to be accountable to while I started my weight loss journey. They helped me to look beyond dieting and place my focus on overall health, increasing my activity level and choosing foods that fuel my body and reduce cravings


Working with Halcyon Health was great. From our very first consultation, Nick was supportive and understanding. I didn't have the clearest or most concrete goals for myself, but he knew how to crystallize my wants into achievable goals. He was excellent with keeping in touch throughout the week, giving me gentle nudges, and helping me motivate myself! A wonderful experience!


Nicholas is an extremely thoughtful and thorough dietitian. Working with him has allowed me to make clear, actionable, and attainable goals that are life changing. He genuinely cares about helping people feel better and it shows when working with him.

Teddy L.